Broadband Solutions

Business Internet Connection Services

Finding the right internet for your business can be a challenge, you are likely to be swarmed with information about download speeds, upload speeds, and break fix SLAs. While this can be indicative of the overall internet quality being offered, the numbers quoted aren’t always accurate and they might only be achieved under optimal conditions.
Without prior understanding of this, you may end up over-paying for an internet connection that exceeds business requirements, or on the contrary, underpaying for a service that does not meet your basic needs.

Why choose us for your Internet Connection? 

We won’t bamboozle you with upstream and downstream speeds and break fix SLAs! You just tell us what you need for your business to be able to operate smoothly and efficiently, and we will find you the right solution at the best price. It’s that simple.

At TheITHeroe’s, we are experts within the fields of internet and unified communication. This gives us comprehensive knowledge on the different packages available on the market and how they can be utilised within different business environments.

Our Promise

We’ll make our recommendations once we are able to justify its use to boost the productivity of your business. This ensures that you’re never going to go for an internet connection that you can’t make 100% use of. 

To further simplify the process, we also offer full fitting services where we come and get the internet installed and set-up in your business premises.

Transparency and honesty are key when looking for a business to manage your technology and telecoms systems. We hold these values close to heart and will always look to provide as much relevant information to our clients as possible to help with their decision-making process. Through providing our services, we also always look to get to know our clients on a personal basis, this allows us to fully assess their technology and telecom needs and provide recommendations that would be most beneficial.