Cyber Security - Antivirus & EDR Ensuring your Data, Company, Computers and your Users are Protected

We’ve all heard the horror stories of companies losing their data to Encryption Malware, or entire IT systems (and as a result their business operations) being brought down by virus – just look at the NHS… Cyber criminals also know its value and are constantly working on ways to exploit you and your systems.¬†

Don’t worry, we have a solution…

Traditional Antivirus

A robust Antivirus solution should be at the start of any robust security strategy, typically designed to identify malicious threats either attempting to or actively attacking your computer system, using different methods of detection, often Signature-based.

Signature-based detection is a process where a unique identifier is established about a known threat – for a more advanced solution, move to an EDR product…

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)‚Äč

As technology has advanced, almost all devices qualify as an endpoint – any endpoint that can access your work is a potential point of attack, which is why companies invest heavily into cyber security.

And as cyber criminal’s efforts advance beyond the scope of traditional Antivirus solutions, an EDR Solution is deemed the next level of defence…

Do I really need an Antivirus or EDR Solution?

In a word, YES… To effectively secure your endpoints against any exploitations it all begins with the endpoints discovery, therefore it is imperative to quickly detect any compromised systems but also rogue endpoint instances on your network.

So where do I start?

At the bare minimum, an Antivirus solution, preferably, an EDR system that continuously scans the network across the organisation to detect all endpoints. 

Security analysts can then automatically classify the endpoints based on a known set of attributes, ensuring it can be scanned it for vulnerabilities.

After the endpoints have been profiled and assessed for any critical vulnerabilities, our IT Heroes can decide the level of monitoring and mitigation required, and apply the appropriate policy to continuously monitor and protect the asset(s) in line with the organisation’s security programs and/or policies.

For more information on Antivirus and EDR solutions¬†contact one of our IT Heroes and we’ll advise you on best practices.