Cyber Security - Firewall Ensuring your Data, Company, Computers and your Users are Protected

We’ve all heard the horror stories of companies losing their data to Encryption Malware, or entire IT systems (and as a result their business operations) being brought down by virus – just look at the NHS… Cyber criminals also know its value and are constantly working on ways to exploit you and your systems. 

Don’t worry, we have a solution…

What is a Firewall?

A Firewall is a part of the networks security that observes, and filters network traffic based on an organisation’s previous established security policies. More simply, a firewall is a barrier that sits on the fence between a private internal network and the public Internet.

Firewalls come in all shapes and sizes, whether built in to a router as provided by your ISP, software installed on your computer or a dedicate box protecting your network

A hardware-based firewall is an appliance that acts as a secure gateway between devices inside the network perimeter and those outside it.

A software-based firewall, or host firewall, runs on a server or workstation, protecting that device. 

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) protects web applications from a variety of application layer attacks such as cross-site scripting, cookie poisoning, etc. 

Do I really need a Firewall?

You protect your house with locked windows and doors, often with an alarm that advises you of breaches to your property – you simply need to apply the same logic to your IT systems… You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked!

So where do I start?

A hardware Firewall – appropriate for your size of business – should be your first investment. You can tailor the features to your needs and budget. 

Device level Firewall software and (ideally) centrally managed Web Protection should be implemented on all devices within your organisation.

For more information on Firewalls contact one of our IT Heroes and we’ll advise you on best practices.