Cyber Security - Web Protection Ensuring your Data, Company, Computers and your Users are Protected

We’ve all heard the horror stories of companies losing their data to Encryption Malware, or entire IT systems (and as a result their business operations) being brought down by virus – just look at the NHS… Cyber criminals also know its value and are constantly working on ways to exploit you and your systems. 

Don’t worry, we have a solution…

What is Web Protection?

Web security is referring to the protection for networks and computer systems from damage to, theft or software hardware and data attacks. It’s task is to protect systems from misdirecting and disrupting their daily tasks.

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) protect web applications from a variety of application layer attacks such as cross-site scripting, cookie poisoning, etc. 

So what’s the solution?

All of our Managed IT Suites include Antivirus, Firewall and Web Protection Solutions, 24/7 System Monitoring and, Software Update and Patch Management as standard – our Pro and Full Suites also include the next generation of EDR (Endpoint Detect and Response) Protection. We can also provide Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions, and advice…

Web Protection

Using a centrally managed and individually configured Web Protection solution, complimenting existing Antivirus and Firewall Solutions, you can mitigate would-be breaches by keeping your users and their devices protected from external risks.

For more information on Firewalls contact one of our IT Heroes and we’ll advise you on best practices.