Going Carbon Neutral Reach your Net Zero Carbon Goal with our FREE Carbon Offsetting Scheme

Not just limited to energy used, your carbon footprint increases with almost everything you do, use and consume, from the original manufacturing process of any equipment you use (including material sourcing and logistics), the running cost of that equipment and also its eventual disposal.

The UN explains our role in the Greenhouse Effect process like this: Human activity is resulting in the increased emission of so-called greenhouse gases (GHGs) which, unlike other atmospheric gases such as oxygen and nitrogen, become trapped in the atmosphere, unable to escape the planet. This energy returns to the surface, where it is reabsorbed. Because more energy enters than exits the planet, surface temperatures increase until a new balance is achieved.”

Why should we care?

The amount of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane that are generated by our actions, has a massive impact on Global Warming – despite some deniers, Global Warming is already having an undeniable devastating impact around the world, with extreme weather affecting everyone on the planet.

How can we help?

Don’t worry, we are not going to tell you to start driving micro-electric-mobiles or eat 3D printed Insect Burgers, and we’re not going to tell you how to run or to change your business or home activities to become more green!

(here are some top tips if you want them though). 

What we can do – at no extra cost to you – is help you reduce your Carbon Footprint and even reach your Net Zero Goal by offsetting the Carbon Footprint associated with your IT equipment… You’ll even get a fancy certificate!   

All of our Managed IT Suites include Carbon Offsetting. Through a Global Portfolio of Offsetting Projects verified to the ‘Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)’ we’ll offset your company’s IT Carbon Footprint at no extra cost…

We don’t just mean your carbon footprint associated with your equipment’s energy usage, but the whole life of your device including historic carbon associated in its design, build and shipping – plus the energy it uses – and also the carbon footprint associated with its ultimate disposal…!