Cyber Security - Protection Suites Ensuring your Data, Company, Computers and your Users are Protected

We’ve all heard the horror stories of companies losing their data to Encryption Malware, or entire IT systems (and as a result their business operations) being brought down by virus – just look at the NHS… Cyber criminals also know its value and are constantly working on ways to exploit you and your systems. 

Don’t worry, we have a solution…

How bad can it really be?

As much as we all think “that’ll never happen to me” you’ve probably already been targeted – perhaps you received a random phishing email, taken a suspicious phone call or had your email account spoofed? They’re just looking for that little opening to further exploit…

Ok, so perhaps it’s not all doom and gloom – there are measures you can take to minimise the risk and better ensure your company data and systems are protected!

So what’s the solution?

All of our Managed IT Suites include Antivirus, Firewall and Web Protection Solutions, 24/7 System Monitoring and, Software Update and Patch Management as standard – our Pro and Full Suites also include the next generation of EDR (Endpoint Detect and Response) Protection. We can also provide Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions, and advice…

Managed IT Services (MSP)

Our Managed IT Services have been carefully tailored, from a Hybrid Support Plan to a Complete IT Solution, and in addition to protection all our Suites include Carbon Offsetting for your computers, helping you go Green. 

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