Cyber Security - Email Security Ensuring your Data, Company, Computers and your Users are Protected

We’ve all heard the horror stories of companies losing their data to Encryption Malware, or entire IT systems (and as a result their business operations) being brought down by virus – just look at the NHS… Cyber criminals also know its value and are constantly working on ways to exploit you and your systems. 

Don’t worry, we have a solution…

How bad can it really be?

The average cost of a data breach today is around £4 million, and 86% of organisations had at least one employee click a phishing link last year…

Email is now a primary attack vector and business users are relentlessly bombarded by threats. It’s difficult and unrealistic to expect end users to out-think every attack.

Have you ever (nearly) clicked on a phishing email link?

So what’s the solution?

First and foremost, your system should be protected by adequate Antivirus or EDR software, a robust Firewall and also professionally managed Web Protection – but to compliment your in-house protection you want to be mitigating those email risks before they reach your users!

Email Protection At Source

Our Email Protection Solution (included in our ‘Full’ Managed IT Suite) can help safeguard against phishing, spam, viruses, ransomware, social engineering, and other email-borne threats; blocking 99.99% of all malware, as tested by Virus Bulletin. 

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